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Pony , Die Flamingos zuerst, 2009

"The curatorship would like to point out that the object, which is displayed on the pedestal in the middle of the room, is considered art. Visitors are therefore kindly asked to avoid kicking it or to modify it in any other way - unless the modification is done as a well-reflected artistic act of engagement with the presented work. In this case we ask to document the artistic act in the records, which can be found on the pedestal on the side (-->) of the room, for later visitors".

Artist's note
Obviously, the subject is fluxus, or more exactly, the role of Higher Beings [1] play in that version of it that is characterized by visitors dominating the transformation process. Further information regarding this process is presumably found in the records documenting the acts. Polly Pocket [2], reading the records, knows more about this than us, who, due to technical reasons, do not have insight into them.

But maybe it's only about Flamingos [3] actually, who knows?

[1] see Sigmar Polke, "Da erhielt ich von höheren Wesen den Befehl: Keinen Blumenstrauß! Flamingos malen", [->]
[2] Strictly speaking it is Midge from "Polly Pocket Wedding Chapel - Pollyville" (1993) [->]
[3] [->] wikipedia/Flamingos