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A striking difference of the Polly Pocket Museum of Modern Art (PP MoMA) in comparison to other museums focusing on contemporary art, is based to the fact that the rooms of PP MoMA, due to their small size (12 x 12 x 8 cm), can not be physically visited by viewers of the species Homo Sapiens. The PP MoMA in this regard sees itself in the tradition of different pocket-size museums like for example Herbert Distel's Schubladenmuseum [1] or Marcel Duchamp's Boîte en valise [2]. Unlike these examples however, the PP MoMA has visitors. Small Polly Pocket figures that visit the museum and watch the art works. In that sense, the PP MoMA is also not denying a certain affinity to doll houses and Polly Pocket worlds [3].

Using the mobility of the museum's rooms, the curatorship sends them to selected artists in order for them to create a permanent exhibition in their room. After reshipment, Polly Pocket [4] is added as a visitor of the museum to the modified rooms. The ca. 2.2 cm sized figures create an additional scaling factor of the rooms, as well as of the displayed art works [5].

Director, curator, architect, administrator, janitor (and sometimes mop and bucket brigade) of the museum is Robert Porth (Berlin) [6].

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[1] [->] Schubladenmuseum
[2] [->] Boîte en valise
[3] [->] polly pocket worlds
[4] Figures of the first series (1989 - 1995)
[5] From the point of view of the figures, the rooms of PP MOMA are about 10 x 10 x 6,5 meters in size.
[6] [->]